‘My Learning Journey’

At little pips pre-school, all children’s learning development and progress is monitored and tracked by the Baby’s Days system. Your childs key person will make regular updates, observations and upload photos for Parents and Carers to see. There is a section within the App/Website for parents to upload photos of what their child have been doing over the week and during holiday period, which the staff love to see.

Any concerns raised by the Key Person or found in the Baby’s Day system will be discussed with Jess (our SENCO) and the child’s Parent/Carer. Any Parental concerns should be made aware to the Key Person and/or Jess.

Every child within our Care, in their final year before starting reception class, will complete a learning journey. These special books are completed with the child and their key person undertaking activities to enhance learning and readying them for school. As such as writing, numbers and shapes to name a few. These books will be awarded to the child at their ‘graduation’ leavers ceremony.