Additional needs and SEN

The Little Pips Pre-School aims to provides an environment for all children to reach their full potential, including children with SEN.

Children experiencing difficulties or requiring additional support will be given the attention that they need the staff, particularly the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo).
The Little Pips Pre-School SENCo is Jess.

The SENCo and Key Person will work in partnership with parents to establish an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) to meet the specific needs for the unique child, outlining their strengths and showing clear targets to work towards.  Where necessary, and with full parental consent, the Little Pips Pre-School may signpost to specialist agencies such as Speech and Language or Specialist Teaching Services.’

The Little Pips Pre-School works to the requirements of current legislation, including:

SEN Code of Practice (2001) (Green Paper Review 2011- 2012 awaiting consultation review)
The Disability Discrimination Act (2005)
The Childcare Act (2006)
The Equality Act (2010)